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Welcome to the Shoe / Socks exchange program!

As we are expanding our business to make our buyers more happy, we have launched our newest exchange program!
The aim of this program is that you're able to send shoes and socks to your favorite models, who will use them during their gym workouts, basketball practices, games, or during the whole day, and after a certain amount of time, you will receive them back in a (very) worn state. 


This way you can support your favorite model's feet with shoes, socks, and once they are worn, he will send it back to you as a token of gratitude. If you ever wanted to help out professional athletes, basketball players, handball players, or other models with big feet, and get their worn shoes, and socks back, here is your chance!
We have created a filter for our list of models, so you can see here below who is available in the exchange program. This way, you can check where the model is located, and you can calculate a proximate price of the shipping fee of the items.


How is it going to work?

We are going to update the model profiles with an Amazon wishlist, where they can add their selected pair of socks, or shoes, furthermore, they will send several website links of shoes or socks they would like to get. After your purchase, we are going to create a topic, where you will be able to see the status of the purchase item, also we will publish a photo of the item once the model received it. This can be a photo, where your favorite model is wearing the shoes / socks you have purchased. Last but not least, once the items are worn enough and the models have sent them via post, we will notify you with the tracking numbers.

Topics are going to be public, so other members will see the purchases that has been completed, also you will be able to share your experience with the items you have received back.

Furthermore, either the models will get back to us if they feel like that the shoes / socks are worn enough, or you will be able to define how long they should wear them. 

In case you want to support your favorite model with shoes and socks, you can either contact us on Chat, create a new post below, or send us an email to


More information to be revealed soon

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