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Welcome to the worn socks sale!

As we are expanding our business to make our buyers more happy, we have launched our newest service, the worn socks sale!
Many Basketball Players are having a lot of pairs of socks they wear during a season, and throwing them out after wearing them for a very long time.
Our newest service allows basketball players to sell their socks they wore during a basketball practice, game, or during jogging.



This way, the fans can purchase the worn socks of basketball players, and they don't end up in the trash.

It's important to mention, that basketball players don't necessarily  have to join as a foot model, they can also simply sell their socks! 

How is it working?

Once a Basketball Player submits his socks for sales, It will be available here for sale. This will consist a few photos of the socks.

Prices and shipping:
Prices will be defined by the basketball players, and the shipping price will be added to the price of the socks. Therefore, the total price, including the shipping with tracking number will be displayed.


Available socks

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